Founded in St. Petersburg, FL in the summer of 2017, Southeast Botanicals has become a trusted source of wholesale kava and kratom powder. We attribute this to a simple philosophy: Do business with integrity and success will follow. We’re resolute in our intention to be the example of safe, potent kava powder and it’s only when our customers are satisfied that we feel successful.

When you buy kava and kratom from Southeast Botanicals you’ll feel confident knowing our product comes from only our most trusted farmers. Each farmer we select has access to a variety of strains from across Indonesia and we only work with the ones with the experience to get it here. Once the kava and kratom reaches us stateside, we send samples from each batch to be lab-tested to guarantee our product is safe and effective.

Southeast Botanicals is also known for having started America’s first kava and kratom festival, The Kommunity Rise Up. During our festivals we gather businesses from across Florida and join together to teach about the many benefits of kava and kratom.


We’ve grown a lot since our company founding in 2017 but our values have remained rooted. We believe everyone deserves access to strong, safe, and affordable kava and kratom, as well as service that meets all expectations. We understand it’s the little things that go a long way in this business. Our vow is to never lose sight of our obligation to be the best representative of kava and kratom that we can be.


We can offer limited samples of our Maeng Da product, please visit this link to enter information.  You will need only to pay shipping on your sample selections.


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