Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your kratom?

Southeast Botanicals utilizes farmers from all across Indonesia to bring you a wide selection of strains. Our Maeng Da farmer, for example, finds his kratom leaves in a special region of West Kalimantan. Once the farmer has harvested their kratom it's packaged into boxes and shipped to us here in America.

Wherer is Southeast Botanicals located?

Southeast Botanicals operates out of Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

How can I contact Southeast Botanicals?

You can contact Colin, the owner of Southeast Botanicals, by phone or email. 727-768-5776

Do you test your kratom?

Yes! Southeast Botanicals believes you have a right to safe, potent kratom powder. As such, we send samples from each batch to be professionally lab tested. You can always check our blog section for our most recent results!

How long does it take to ship?

Since we're located in the U.S. our packages usually reach customers within 1 -3 business days. A lot more convenient than waiting for kratom to be shipped to you from Indonesia and a lot less of a headache with customs!

Can you tell me how to use kratom?

No. Unfortunately, we can't offer any claims of use for this product; Our kratom is sold for scientific research purposes only. We also definitely can't tell you that the information you're looking for is easily accessible via search engines and kratom forums.


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