• Colin

Recent Lab Reports - November 2020

At Southeast Botanicals, we are committed to transparency and accountability for all our products. We strive to acquire high-grade and top-quality kratom from reputable sources.

To this end, we routinely send our Kratom for rigorous laboratory testing. Please follow up with any specific questions.

  • TSG/1 is your green 1.5587% Mitragynine and .0293% 7 Hydroxy Mitragynine

  • TSR/8 TSW/11 Is your yellow 1.5447% Mitragynine 1.5373% Mitragynine and the 7-HO number is.0293 % and .0252% on the other 7-HO

  • The Mitragynine is the left column if it says 15.000 it means it is 1.50% if it says 15.484 it means 1.548%

- Colin

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